Friday, October 21st at 8 p.m.
Saturday, October 22nd at 7 p.m.

Swan Lake is the love story of Prince Siegfried who, on a hunting trip, encounters a flock of swans. He falls in love with the Swan Queen, Odette, and swears his allegiance and undying love to her. As a result of a curse by the evil sorcerer Baron von Rothbart, Odette can only take human form between midnight and daybreak.

With brand-new choreography from Artistic Director Gladisa Guadalupe and a surprising twist to Tchaikovsky's magical ballet, the story of Swan Lake is the perfect start to an incredible new season!



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Swan Lake

Choreography & Staging | Gladisa Guadalupe

Music | Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Set Design | Jeff McLaughlin

Lighting Design | Dennis Dugan

Costume | Cleveland Ballet Costume Shop




Princess Odette, walking by the beautiful lakeside, encounters the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart. In hopes of escaping his evil powers, Odette runs but is not quick enough to escape the sorcerer. She is transformed into a beautiful swan, effectively changing the course of her life forever.


Act I

Scene I - The Palace

Celebrating his twenty-first birthday and coming of age, Prince Siegfried is surrounded by the courtiers, peasants, and subjects. Many toasts are made to celebrate the young prince and a pas de trois is performed. The Queen Mother arrives to give her son his gift: a beautiful crossbow. With the gift comes with the announcement that Prince Siegfried must marry - and must choose from one of his mother's choices of princesses.

Siegfried is disappointed and distraught with the thought of having to choose a bride whom he is not in love with. As the party disperses, Siegfried is distracted by a flock of swans overhead and decides to head out into the night with his new crossbow.

Scene II - The Lakeside

Siegfried finds the flock of swans at the lakeside; beginning to point his crossbow at them, one of the swans transforms into a woman. It is Odette, Queen of the Swans. The prince is enamored with the sweet Queen and attempts to approach her. Odette, becoming frightened, turns away from him. Siegfried assures the frightened woman that he means no harm and she reveals the horrible spell her and her companions are under. By day, they are condemned to live as swans and by dusk they can regain their human forms. The spell can only be broken by a man vowing his undying love. Siegfried, overcome with love, declares his devotion to Odette. No sooner has his declaration been etched in Odette's mind does Von Rothbart appear. The prince raises his crossbow to aim but Von Rothbart is protected by the Swan Queen for if Von Rothbart were to die, the spell could never be broken. The sorcerer flees and Odette, overcome with emotion, runs away but is followed by the prince.

The swan maidens appear and dance their beloved waltz before Siegfried reappears, looking intently for Odette. The queen returns and they express their love for one another in a beautiful adagio pas de deux.

The pale sunlight signifying dawn begins to creep over the horizon, signaling the end of Odette's human form. The pair bid farewell with Odette once again returning to her enchanted form.


Act II

Scene I - The Ballroom

The great ball is beginning, with guests eager to see who Prince Siegfried will choose as his bride. The queen mother and prince arrive, along with his four prospective fiancées (respectively Hungarian, Spanish, Neapolitan, and Ukrainian) but Siegfried's thoughts are plagued with Odette. Throughout the dance, Siegfried realizes he is unable to marry any of them. Upon the conclusion of the ball, he relays this to his mother before two uninvited guests arrive. Von Rothbart enters with who appears to be Odette, effectively captivating the lovesick prince. It is really Odile, Von Rothbart's daughter, who has been transformed to look like Odette. 

Siegfried and the cunning Odile begin the Black Swan pas de deux. As the duet reaches its climax, the real Odette appears before Von Rothbart enchants the audience, deceiving the prince in the process. Blinded by the magic, Siegfried announces his love for Odile and swearing a formal oath per Von Rothbart's request; in the process, destroying Odette's hopes of breaking her curse. Von Rothbart and Odile finally reveal their true identities, with the prince frantically flees the palace to search for his true love.

Scene II - The Lakeside

The swans are seen grieving for their beloved queen. Due to Siegfried's broken vow, Odette's hope for freedom is diminished. The prince begs the beautiful queen for forgiveness and is granted what he desires. But it is too late. Odette is destined to remain a swan forever. Deciding against this fate, Odette plans to die.

Von Rothbart, wanting to keep Odette for himself, follows the lovers. Odette jumps into the lake followed by Siegfried, ending their lives together. Their undying love finally breaks the curse and Von Rothbart collapses and dies. 



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